Hellurrr, Goodbye: Tyler Perry Splits With Longtime Boo Gelila Bekele, Gets Panty-Bombed By Thirsty Aunties

Well, it certainly appears that actor/writer/producer/director Tyler Perry is single and ready to mingle based on his revealing Instagram post/thirst trap where he gave us a glimpse into his midlife crisis.

“This is what a midlife crisis looks like,” Perry captioned in the post while wearing workout clothes that, as you know, to get the ladies going.

“I’m 51, single and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like. Whatever it looks like I’m going to walk with God, be the best father and man I can be, hold my head up high, and try to look my best doing it!!

In a world with so much sadness, please try and stay in the good! Merry Christmas and let’s look forward to 2021 bringing us peace!”

According to E! News, Perry and their longtime girlfriend/mother of his 6-year-old son Gelila Bekele amicably split while maintaining a friendship and raising their son together.

The 51-year-old almost billionaire and Bekele are rumored to have been together for nearly a decade that he spent pumping out projects and rarely mentioning her.

One rare mention happened in an interview with T.I. on his ExpediTiously podcast back in March. When asked why he wasn’t married, Perry responded, “I have someone who’s wonderful and she’s getting her share of all of it.”


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