T.I. Tells 21 Savage Why He Passed on Signing Him for $1 Million


Recently, 21 Savage made an appearance on T.I.’s ‘ExpediTIously Podcast’ and spoke to him about his career and how he came up. The conversation eventually turned to 21 Savage speaking about T.I. rejecting his 21’s offer to get signed for $1 million. T.I. noted that he passed on offering the young rapper a bag because he thought 21 could get to that same amount of money independently.

T.I. said, “I had the same conversation with Thug. If I give you a $1 million, I’m going to take 10 times as much because that’s just the way the game goes. If you want to maintain ownership of your art and equity in your art, you need to go through those tough times in the beginning. Can’t accept upfront money and cushion your blow. You have to go ahead and get it out the mud the same way you do anything else.”

21 Savage went on to point out that if he didn’t listen to T.I.’s advice, he would have signed a major deal early in his career and probably wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now. Watch above.


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