Polo G Reveals He is Now a New Homeowner

Polo G has only seen more success in the last few years, along with his share of mishaps. Now, the rapper has taken to Instagram to reveal another win he recently got, noting that he is now a homeowner.

Via Instagram, Polo G showed off a part of his new space and also showed himself throwing money to rain down on the new home.

In the caption, he said, “@ 21yrs old I’m officially A HOME OWNER afta spending hundreds of thousands of dollars paying rent & stayin in bnbs I ain’t gatta answer to no bitch ass landlord no more.” He continued on saying, “This literally one of the biggest accomplishments I Eva made in life I’m tryna just soak this shit in fr imma prolly update y’all wit a few pictures once I deck this bitch out but yea man Capalot Estates Lol Young Boss Shit🖤🖤🖤🖤.” Take a look above.


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