Rowdy Rebel Talks Pop Smoke & NY Drill Movement in First Post-Prison Interview

Rowdy Rebel has hit the ground running since his release from prison last week. After delivering a freestyle for Funk Flex and receiving a gift from Young Thug, he provided XXL with his first post-prison interview.

During the interview, Rebel spoke on his experience in prison. In addition, he gave his thoughts on New York’s drill movement and the artists that have emerged in his and Bobby Shmurda’s absence. While he was happy to see the music coming out of his city, he doesn’t plan on adopting the sound.

“Fivio [Foreign] can still get on drill beats and have his own style, his own wave, his own flow, his own sauce. I like Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow. The beats they be selecting, they got they own style, they own wave,” Rowdy Rebel said. “I come home, I got my own style, my own wave. You won’t hear me on some of these drill beats. You won’t hear me on a lot of those because I feel like that’s not my style. I feel like that was Pop [Smoke] wave. I feel like that’s Fivio’s wave. I feel like that’s the bro’s wave, and they mastered it.”

Even though Rowdy Rebel admitted that he didn’t personally know Pop Smoke, he called the rapper’s death “another fall to the city” and wished he could have met the rising star.

“I didn’t even know bro, good,” Rowdy said when speaking on Pop’s death. “S*** was hurtful. Again, another fall to the city. Again, another young bro, just…for what? It was a sad moment. It still be sad moments to the point where we be sitting in the stu’ right now and the beat come on and the bros like, ‘Damn, if Pop was here with you and Rowdy, bro.’ Or, ‘If you, Rowdy, Pop, Bobby.’ It feel weird. I wanted to meet young bro. He was putting on in a major way, definitely. And he ain’t forget who he was. While he was putting on, he was still showing love, answering every call.”

Rowdy Rebel also listed the rappers who supported him while he was locked up. He said that Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and French Montana reached out to him but Quavo and Yo Gotti took it a step further by putting money on his commissary.

After expressing his gratitude for the love he’s received since coming home, Rowdy talked about his relationship with Young Thug and revealed he only met him recently.

“Shout out to the bro Thugger,” Rowdy said. “I just had recently met him on FaceTime. I ain’t gon’ lie, I talked to Thugger, you would’ve thought I knew Thugger for years, the way his energy is, man. The way he just give genuine love. That’s just a guy right there that just wanna see young n***** win. We don’t got too much people like that in this culture. N***** like Thugger, bro, we gotta learn to appreciate.”

Rowdy Rebel concluded the interview by stating that he will be spending 2021 building his team and gearing up for Bobby Shmurda’s return.

Source: XXL

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