Jay-Z’s Nephew and UW Star Nahziah Carter Accused of Sexual Assault

The University of Washington suspended its basketball guard Nahziah Carter after an investigation upheld two allegations of sexual assault. The university’s Title IX office concluded that Carter violated the school’s policy against sexual assault after two women separately accused him of forcing them to perform oral sex on him.

After unsuccessfully appealing his suspension, Carter announced that he was leaving Washington to go pro. Once the investigation was revealed, one of Carter’s accusers posted withheld information about the investigation’s findings.

“We as the victims, feel that the University has failed to act in a way that protects and supports us,” the student tweeted. “They also failed to notify the public of his behavior, neglecting to protect future victims and victims who never had a chance to seek justice.”

The first investigation began in January and was heard by a UW hearing in late July, even though the investigation concluded in April. The investigation into the second accusation was launched in March and was heard in September despite concluding in June.

A hearing officer found that the 21-year-old Carter violated the Student Conduct Code regarding sexual assault in both cases. He was suspended indefinitely in October for the first accusation and received a suspension for the winter and spring quarters after the second investigation concluded.

The Rochester, New York native planned on playing the 2020-2021 season in the National Basketball League’s Star Program, an Australian developmental league, but the deal was rescinded after the allegations became public. Carter, who is also Jay-Z’s nephew, is ranked 87th among NBA draft prospects according to NBAdraftroom.com.

Look above to view the details of the investigation.

Source: The Seattle Times

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