Video Shows Police Arrest Fellow Officer For Assaulting a Black Suspect


A viral video has received public support for showing police arrest a fellow officer for assaulting a Black suspect.

The incident in Harvey, Illinois, which is south of Chicago. A woman named Erica Ramseur captured the incident in a series of clips. The first clip showed three men holding down a Black suspect as police vehicles pull up on the scene. While it’s unclear if all or some of the men were security guards or actual cops, Ramseur claimed that the suspect was maced.

Once more police arrive, a second clip shows a Black cop pull the suspect up. As he’s escorting the suspect to the police car, one of the three White men that originally apprehended the suspect strikes him in the face. The Black cop immediately grabbed the assaulting officer and directed another cop to cuff the fellow officer.

A third clip shows the officer handcuffed against the car as the video footage concludes. While some have applauded the way the police responded to a Black suspect being assaulted, others have questioned if the assaulting officer was a security guard and if the cops would have responded similarly if someone wasn’t filming.

There’s currently no update on what led to the Black suspect’s arrest and what the consequences were for the assaulting officer.


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