Saweetie Gifts Quavo A $300K Richard Mille Watch For Christmas

We already know Saweetie was on Santa’s good list this year when her bae Quavo surprised her with a $300K Icy Bentley earlier this week. However, it looks like Quavo has also been good this year because in return Saweetie dropped a bag and gifted him a $300K Richard Mille watch.


She surprised him with the watch by trying to disguise it in a Birkin box and from the looks of things, he was just as surprised as she was when he gifted her, her new whip.

Now ya’ll know Saweetie and Quavo are not strangers when it comes to putting their love front and center, and it’s safe to say gifting each other some pretty amazing extravagant gifts is definitely one way they show their love for each other.

If ya’ll remember, Qavo gifted Saweetie, not one, but TWO Birkin bags for her 26th birthday back in July.


Saweetie’s love for her Birkins’ would later become a hot topic after she went viral while telling her supporters to send their men back to the streets if they couldn’t buy them a Birkin bag. At the time she was promoting her latest single “Back to the Streets,” which features Jhené Aiko. However, the moment definitely started a pretty memorable debate throughout social media.


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