Rapper Splash Zanotti Charged for Kidnapping & Robbery on Christmas Day


Reports surfaced noting that rapper Splash Zanotti faced charges of kidnapping and robbery on Christmas Day for an alleged incident that took place two months ago.

The Fort Lauderdale rapper reportedly faced a judge on Christmas Day in court in relation to charges brought up against him and two other people. The rapper was accused of being a leader of a crew that committed a home invasion and a sexual assault.

Zanotti (real name Kejuan Campbell) and two other men allegedly burst into a Miramar home looking for a $20,000 debt owed. The police say the men forced the couple in the home to cooperate with them. Along with that, the men forced the woman in the home to drive them around to various ATMs to collect money. The woman was reportedly raped as well, while the husband had to sit in another room and listen. The rapper, along with the two other men, were charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping charges. They are all facing life in prison if convicted. Stay tuned for more details.

source: AllHipHop

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