#BlackLivesMatter To A Degree: Columbus Police Chief Fires Officer Adam Coy For Killing 47-Year-Old Unarmed Black Man Andre Hill

47-year-old, unarmed, Black man Andre Maurice Hill was gunned down by Officer Adam Coy in Columbus, Ohio on Christmas Eve last week. According to CNN, Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan has filed official department charges against Coy, initiated an investigation into his conduct, and has terminated Coy from the force. See how easy that is, other police chiefs around the country?

“Today is Christmas Eve. A time when we should be gathering with those we love,” Quinlan said. “The family of Andre Hill has nothing to celebrate this holiday, someone very important won’t be with them this holiday, or any other. A Columbus police officer is responsible for that. And that breaks my heart.”
It is reported that typically a blood-lusty, trigger-happy, citizen-killing cop like Coy would get a hearing and all the rigamarole that keeps police drawing checks from the taxpayers while blood drips from their hands. However, in this case, Chief Quinlan ain’t tryna hear all that.
“I have seen everything I need to see, to reach the conclusion that Officer Coy must be terminated immediately,” Quinlan said. “Some may call this a rush to judgment. It is not,” he added. “This violation cost an innocent man his life.”
See how easy that is, other police chiefs around the country?
Coy responded to a call from an anonymous neighbor who reported that a man had been sitting in his SUV turning his engine on and off around 1:37 am. Not sure why that necessitates a need for a police encounter but lord knows ‘Merica loves to call killer cops for no good reason. When Coy arrived to an open garage door he saw Mr. Hill walking with a cell phone in one hand and could not see the other. Within seconds, he fired several rounds and ordered Hill to put his hands to his side.
Hill died an hour later at the hospital. No weapon was found on the scene. This is the second unjust shooting this month following the killing of Casey Goodson Jr. who was gunned down at his front door for nothing.
F**k 12. Rest in peace to these brothas whose lives were stolen by pigs.

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