Lil Durk Responds to Backlash From Allegedly Dissing FBG Duck on Song


Update 12/27/2020 3:45pm

Previously, the mother of FBG Duck took to Instagram to call out Lil Durk, who allegedly dissed her son on his latest album ‘The Voice.’ LaSheena Weekly noted that Durk could have taken his frustrations elsewhere instead of calling out her son, whose death is unfortunately still very fresh.

Since then, Lil Durk has responded to the backlash he faced after the line was pulled out from the song and discussed by many. Durk took to Instagram and gave insight on the matter via his stories. The rapper simply said, “It’s the Lamron in me.” Take a look above.

Original 12/27/2020 10:42am:

Previously, the mothers of different Chicago rappers who have passed over the years due to violence came together as the ‘Mothers of Peace’ for a roundtable discussion to speak on the loss of their sons, along with a plan for peace on the Chicago streets. Now, FBG Duck’s mother has called out Lil Durk for mentioning FBG Duck in a bar of a new song, one she perceives as disrespect.

The line in question from Durk says he wants to “get high like Duck,” which led Weekly to go off on the rapper. She then questioned why Durk is focused on mentioning her son instead of showing off their craft or focusing on building a bigger platform as an artist by going “pop” like her son was looking to do before he passed. Watch above.


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