Future Was Boo’d Up With Dess Dior For The Holiday While His Baby Mamas Linked Up (Video)

Future and his 22-year-old girlfriend Dess Dior are still going strong and appeared to be boo’d up over the Christmas holiday while two of his supposed recent baby mamas linked up so that their kids can get to know each other.

Just like other couples who match on Christmas, Future and Dess were once again twinning in their varsity jackets all hugged up for the holiday.


There’s speculation that Future may have popped the question after Dess was recently seen sporting a large rock on her hand.

Future flaunting his love affair with Dess Dior has garnered criticism as he’s currently in a child support battle with baby mama Eliza Reign. Another woman, known as Cindy Parker, is alleged to be Future’s ninth baby mama, though paternity has yet to be established.

Coincidentally, while Future and Dess were getting their love on, Eliza and Cindy linked up to spend the holiday and allow their children to get to know each other better.

In case you forgot, about a year ago, Eliza and Cindy infamously DNA tested their infants to establish that the babies were related to prove that Future fathered the both of them.

While Eliza had her day in court and was able to prove that Future is, in fact, the father of her daughter, Cindy has yet to legally establish paternity. But that didn’t stop the two women from forging a friendship and bonding over their issues with their baby daddy.

The two women got together for Christmas so that their children could spend time together.


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