Meek Mill on Giving ATL Water Boys $20: I’m Not Giving Them Money to Buy Weed


Another one of Meek Mill’s conversations from the Clubhouse app has made its way online, where he addresses catching backlash for giving a group of Atlanta teens selling water $20 to split amongst themselves.

In the video, Meek explained, “I know what’s going on. I ain’t giving no young bouls no money to buy no weed.” He then spoke about hustling as a kid in Philly, stating, “We came up pumping gas at the gas station, carrying old ladies’ bags, shoveling snow. I pulled up on them young bouls to give them game. I ain’t worried about no f**king money.”

Meek later added, “People don’t have the common sense to say, ‘Damn, he did stop and pull up. They wasn’t even mad when we gave them the $20. The internet made them mad. If you look at the video, young boul said ‘Thanks. I f**k with you.’ The internet made them mad.”


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