Fake Teen Doctor Known As ‘Dr. Love,’ Arrested Again for Fraud in Florida


According to reports, Malachi Love-Robinson, the now 23-year-old who infamously faked being a doctor as a teen, was recently arrested for fraud in Palm Beach, FL. Authorities say Love-Robinson had clients at a shipping company he works for send money directly to his personal bank account.

Police say Love-Robinson made off with $10,000 that belonged to the company. Love-Robinson reportedly sent the company’s owner text messages expressing remorse and is doing everything “to make it right,” adding “I don’t want to go to jail.”

Love-Robinson made headlines back in 2016 when he pleaded guilty to charges of fraud, grand theft, and practicing medicine without a license. Known then as “Dr. Love,” Love-Robinson stole $35,000 from an elderly patient while operating a fraudulent medical practice.

Source: nypost.com

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