YK Osiris Announces He Traded In His Luxury Cars For A Hyundai—“I Ain’t Gotta Floss For You N***as”

 Celebrities are known for displaying their considerable wealth all throughout social media—but rapper YK Osiris has decided to take a different approach. In a shocking move, YK Osiris recently announced that he traded in all of his luxury cars for a current model Hyundai.

In a video posted to Instagram, YK Osiris certainly left his fans speechless when he revealed that he recently sold all of his luxury foreign cars and instead traded them in for a Hyundai in an effort to stop “flossin’.” This is a move in the completely opposite direction compared to most rappers in the music industry.

YK Osiris explained his decision this way:

“This what I’m riding in now. This my new car. F**k a foreign. I sold my Lamborghini, I sold my Rolls-Royce, I sold my Cadillacs, yessirski. I ain’t gon’ lie, this thing humble yourself.”

He continued, adding:

“I ain’t gotta floss for you n***as man. Y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. If I do got it, don’t got it, y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. I love this Hyundai. S**t, I ain’t riding a f**king Lamborghini, I ain’t gotta floss for you n***as. That’s what’s wrong with you n***as, y’all feel like you gotta floss for the Instagram. Man, f**k them man, y’all don’t need to floss for no dumb a** Instagram.”

YK Osiris has been open lately about his current struggles, going into detail on the new social media platform Clubhouse during a recent chat with 21 Savage.


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