Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church Names Mase as its New Pastor


Mase is returning to his career in religion after a seven-year hiatus. On Sunday, Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church announced on its YouTube channel that Mason “Mase” Betha will be its new pastor.

The video started with a tribute to its previous pastor, Cornelius Lindsey, before Mase was introduced at the 13:50 mark. While speaking to Lindsey, Mase revealed his vision for the new role and wanting to bring this generation closer to God.

“I really see this generation being turned back to God’s hands,” Mase said. “I think there’s been a major challenge with the city like being able to direct people back to God and I really welcome the challenge.”

Mase and Lindsey also spoke about Lindsey’s three-year process to find his successor. Mase recalled being approached with the opportunity but needing to pray on it before highlighting how the church’s founding coincided with him and his wife overcoming their marital issues.

Mase retired from rap in 1999, during his commercial height, to become an ordained minister and continue his studies at Clark Atlanta University. He returned to his music career five years later by dropping Welcome Back and affiliating himself with G-Unit. Since then, the Harlem rapper has made occasional appearances on live sets and songs.

Watch the Gathering Oasis Church’s full announcement of Mase as its new pastor above



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