Sauce Walka’s “Paperwork Party” Ends Up Getting Shot Up on IG Live

Sauce Walka was recently seen having a “paperwork party” in reference to Blika, who previously offered $20,000 for people who could bring him a chain from The Sauce Family crew or Sauce Walka’s chain or jewelry. The paperwork in question allegedly finds the man describing an incident in a voluntary statement that noted he was robbed by two prostitutes in Vegas who hit him with pepper spray after giving him oral sex.

Since then, footage surfaced showing Sauce Walka during his “Paperwork Party” on IG Live. During his broadcast, the rapper could be seen opening a door in an office, which led to men who were in the room running out and jumping onto the floor after hearing loud pop noises. When Sauce Walka asked what was going on, one of the men told him they were shooting. Watch above.


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