Seven People Stabbed on New Year’s Day at Atlanta Club


It looks as if New Year’s day in Atlanta started on a sour note, as police are now looking for suspects responsible for the stabbing of seven people at an Atlanta lounge.

The Republic Lounge in Atlanta was the site of a brawl that escalated around 3 a.m., according to police. The brawl led to people scattering everywhere and resulted in seven people getting stabbed. Out of the seven people stabbed, three people were willing to cooperate, according to police. The people who cooperated noted that the stabbings happened due to a fight between two parties of people.

Mayor Keyshia Lance Bottoms commented on the recent surge of issues related to nightclubs, saying, “When the nightclubs are closed in Chicago, people are coming to Atlanta to party.” She went on to say the rise in crime may be due to the fact that Georgia decided to stay open for business while other states shut down. Watch the clip above.


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