50 Cent Makes Fun of Floyd Mayweather For Getting a Beard Transplant


50 Cent reignited his feud with Floyd Mayweather on Tuesday when the rapper made fun of the former boxing champ for apparently getting a beard transplant.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, 50 posted a photo of Mayweather sporting his new beard and wrote, “He took hair from his a** and put it on his face. LOL WTF is really going on champ?”

While Mayweather is yet to respond to 50 or confirm if he received a beard transplant, the post is another chapter in the former friends’ years-long feud. In 2019, Mayweather poked fun at 50 Cent’s business ventures, and more recently, 50 Cent called Mayweather out after the boxer claimed he and the rapper started beefing after he refused to give 50 half of his company.

“I’m not the marketing campaign champ, keep my name out your mouth,” 50 responded. “Damn somebody read this for champ i don’t f**k wit you, you don’t f**k wit me. OK.”

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