Rowdy Rebel Reflects on the Impact of “Hot N***A,” Says Casanova is Innocent

Rowdy Rebel was featured in the latest installment of Karen Civil’s Welcome To My Neighborhood series, where he toured his old neighborhood and reflected on his life before and after his incarceration.

During the short documentary, Rebel highlighted the impact he and Bobby Shmurda left on rap prior to their arrests. He claimed that the sound and energy of their music influenced many of today’s artists, particularly New York rappers.

While visiting an old studio space, Rebel recalled making popular tracks, such as “Computers,” “Shyste Time,” “Shmoney Dance,” and “Hot N***A.” While listing the various records and speaking on the old studio’s vibe, he acknowledged that Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party,” and Fivio Foreign’s “Big Drip” were all inspired by GS9’s energy.

“[The old studio] got that feelin’…It got that feeling, to me, where it’s like, it gave us that ‘ERR’ feelin’,” Rebel said 18:06 into the video. “That — we had the “Welcome To The Partys” and “Big Drips”…Even the “Bodak Yellow” with Cardi, I was jackin’ all them s***. I’m sayin’ all that s***…I still don’t know how big this s*** is to me.”

Earlier in the feature, Rowdy Rebel commented on Casanova’s legal situation and proclaimed his innocence. Rebel stated that Casanova gave him encouraging words while he was locked up and urged him to stay out of trouble once he was released. Because of that, Rebel doesn’t want to believe Casanova was being hypocritical.

“I don’t know what he was out here doing but I’m gonna say it like this bro, in my heart I feel like he wasn’t out doing none of that bro,” Rebel said at the 6:45 mark. “Every time I talked to that man, he had positive words for me. He had nothing but, ‘Listen, when you come home make sure you straighten up because people here watching n*****.’ Feel me? He was putting me on to how to move when I come out here. So, I don’t want to say my bro is a hypocrite.”

Rowdy Rebel was released from prison last month after serving six years.


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