Daz Suggests the Snoop Dogg & Eminem Feud Stems From a Rejected Feature

More rappers are speaking out about the feud between Eminem and Snoop Dogg since both rappers have discussed Em’s lines on “Zeus.” After Crooked I spoke out against the feud and suggested it would widen the divide in Hip Hop, Daz Dillinger joined a discussion on Clubhouse and gave insight into what possibly started the issues between the two icons.

Daz started giving his thoughts on Dr. Dre’s role and guessed that the producer has already gotten his two proteges on the phone. Later in the discussion, Daz offered more context and history on Snoop and Em’s relationship. According to Daz, Snoop Dogg felt slighted after he provided a feature on The Marshall Mathers LP but was rejected when he asked for an Eminem feature.

“Back in the day they did [“B**** Please II”],” Daz said. “When I was talking to Snoop one time, he said that he had asked Eminem and them to get on his album and they told him no. And Snoop felt some type of way. ‘I did all this and all that and they tell me no?’ And you know Snoop like, ‘Don’t nobody tell me no.'”

Daz acknowledged that Eminem probably didn’t know he was asked to do a feature because his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg probably made the decision or another representative. Despite the possibility, Daz said Snoop “took it personally, and that’s why you never heard a song from Snoop and Em since then.”

He stated that Dr. Dre could squash the tension because everyone still frequents his studio. Daz also added that he recently saw Snoop Dogg on TV with Fredwreck, who’s also Eminem’s good friend, “so it must not be nothing.”

Source: HotNewHipHop

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