NBA YoungBoy Associate NBA Lil Pap Indicted for Murder of Gee Money

NBA Young Boy associate NBA Lil Pap, aka OTS Lil Pap, was indicted on Thursday (January 7) on a second-degree murder count in the 2017 shooting death of fellow Baton Rouge rapper Gee Money.

NBA Lil Pap, born Deandre Fields, 26, is accused of shooting Gee Money, real name Garrett Burton, outside of Burton’s music studio on Dallas Drive in Baton Rouge in September 2017. Fields was arrested in 2019 for the murder of Burton, and his arrest warrant detailed what led to the beef between Burton and NBA YoungBoy.

The arrest warrant stated that Gee Money had released a song that included lyrics about NBA YoungBoy’s sister, which offended the “Bandit” rapper. In an August 2017 interview with SayCheese, Gee Money told Sean Cotton that NBA YoungBoy got “the big head” after seeing success, and he added that the two would likely never work together. The following month, Gee Money was killed.

The warrant states, “In the days prior to Burton’s death, both Burton and Gaulden made several social media posts about one another, which further exacerbated tensions between the two rival rap music groups. When Burton was killed, members of the NBA group were immediately developed as suspects due to … the ongoing rap music feud.”

NBA Lil Pap was interviewed three days after Gee Money’s death on September 13, 2017, and he told investigators that he left Baton Rouge and went to New Roads, Louisiana with his mother and son after Burton was killed. He also claimed he was in a town called Hammond the night Gee Money was killed, but his cellphone showed he was in Baton Rouge. Phone records also show that Lil Pap called members of the NBA crew in the hours after Burton’s death.

When police asked NBA Lil Pap who was the shooter in the NBA crew, he stated, “To be honest, me.” He also spoke about problems in the streets.

If convicted, Fields faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. He maintained his innocence on Instagram, which you can check out above.

Source: The Advocate

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