Photos of Kyle Rittenhouse Wearing ‘Free as F***’ Shirt at Wisconsin Bar Surface

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was trending on social media Friday after photos of him at a Wisconsin bar surfaced online. Not to mention, Rittenhouse was thumbing his nose at detractors as he wore a shirt that read “Free as F***.” Rittenhouse was reportedly at the bar with a parent where he enjoyed an alcoholic beverage, something permissible for teens in the state of Wisconsin if a parent or legal guardian is present.

In Mount Pleasant, local law enforcement told TMZ that they received a call from a patron of the bar concerned that Rittenhouse’s presence there violated his bond agreement. After a brief investigation into the matter, authorities concluded that Rittenhouse hadn’t violated the terms of his agreement.

“Contact was made with the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office, and after explaining the situation, his actions and presence in the establishment did not constitute a violation of his bond agreement,” Lt. Scott Geyer of the Mount Pleasant Police Department told Kenosha News.

Source: twitter.

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