Too Short (Still Standing)

Still Standing
The bay area has produced some of the biggest names in the culture. Bands like Creedence Clearwater
Revival, The Greatful Dead and Santana are from the bay area. Actors James Franco, Tom Hanks,
Benjamin Bratt , Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Danny Glover , and the list goes on. Enter Todd Shaw also
known as Too Short. One of the names most synonymous with Oakland California to be specific.

Todd Show was born in South Central Los Angeles but moved to East Oakland California in the early 80’s.
This was the era west coast hip hop was born. The time when the music industry was revolutionized by
the independent music hustle. Too Short is one of the architects of this formula. Too Short was known
as one of the first artist to use the word “bitch” on a record and made it his trademark. His debut album
released in 1985 was “Don’t Stop Rappin” released on 75 Girls Records. From there he became the face
of the bay area releasing more than 20 albums, collaborating with the likes of Tupac Shakur, Notorious
B.I.G. Scarface, Sean Combs, Jermaine Dupree and more. He is also one of the only west coast artists to
collaborate with Jay Z on several different projects. His consistency has driven him into legend status.
Not only did he change the game with his independent drive, he paved the way for other business
moguls like Master P and E-40 who created empires selling records out of their trunks. Building brands
and creating ventures that would surpass the world of music Too Short has influenced generations not
only to pursue their passion but to be consistent in everything done. Albums like “Short Dog’s in the
House” gave us bay area classics “The Ghetto” and “It’s Your Life”, but its’s songs like “Blow the
Whistle” and “Shake That Monkey” that solidified his place in today’s hip hop scene. Too Short is one of a handful of artist that have been successfully and constantly putting out new music that stands the test
of time. One of my personal favorites is “A week Ago” feat. Jay Z. Ending 2020 on a positive note, Too Short went head to head with His bay area counterpart E-40 on Apple’s new Versus platform. There is
also word that Short Dog will be collaborating with Snoop Dogg ,Ice Cube and E-40 to form the super
group Mt. Westmore. Music lovers and fans can’t wait to hear what kind of heat they will provide.
Until then, we will continue to say his favorite word…..”Bitch”

Written by: Tyshawn Smith

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