Trump Is Reportedly Considering Pardons For Rappers Lil Wayne & Kodak Black

Trump is pondering issuing pardons for Lil Wayne and Kodak Black before leaving the white house.

We are in the final days of Donald Trump and his time in office, but these last few weeks seem to be full of both expected and unexpected barriers. Yesterday, he incited a riot on the Capitol that left five dead and is winding up to have more than a few dozen arrested. We’ve yet to see if he will be impeached for his actions, but in the meantime, he has more plans on the way to cover his ass.

According to Bloomberg, he wants to pardon himself, family members, political friends, and most surprisingly, a few rappers.

Trump is similarly considering pardoning celebrities including rapper Lil Wayne — with whom he posed for a photo during the presidential campaign –as well as rapper Kodak Black, who is serving time for falsifying paperwork to obtain a firearm.

Other prominent celebrities including rapper Lil Yachty and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson have publicly lobbied Trump to pardon Kodak Black, who said in a now-deleted tweet that he would donate $1 million to charity if the president freed him.

When Lil Wayne risked his fans and his relationship to post a photo op with Trump, we knew something was up. Like 50 Cent, we assumed he was paid, but maybe he had to work his move for his freedom. The reality is, it’s probably a mixture of everything that sets him up perfectly if Trump isn’t impeached this weekend.


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