Video Shows Moments Leading Up to Ashli Babbitt’s Death at the U.S. Capitol

More context has been added to the fatal shooting that took place during the chaos that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. New video footage shows the moments that led to the death of Trump supporter and Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she and other rioters stormed the Capitol building.

The video shows Babbitt and others being combative with three U.S. Capitol Police officers guarding an entrance, demanding that they step aside. The 35-year-old California native and the rest of the group were reportedly trying to enter the Speaker’s Lobby, which would have provided access to the House of Representatives chamber. The angry mob was seen punching and breaking the glass doors while yelling at the officers.

“We backed you guys in the summer. When the whole country hated you, we had your back,” yelled one rioter in a MAGA hat.

Once backup arrived in tactical gear, the officers moved away as rioters attempted to blitz the door. A couple of rioters shouted that an officer on the other side of the door had a gun but the warnings were ignored as they tried smashing through the door.

With the help of someone else, Babbitt attempted to climb through a portion of the door where the glass had been broken out. Babbitt was fatally shot in the neck before falling to the floor. Some officers tended to Babbitt while others yelled at rioters to clear the area so she could receive treatment.

The Capitol Police announced Thursday that the officer who shot Babbitt was placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

Source: The Washington Post

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