Kurtis Blow Gives Update on Health After Heart Transplant

Update 01/10/2021 1:16pm:

News surfaced recently noting that Kurtis Blow was in recovery after the legendary rap star received a heart transplant. Questlove took to instagram and posted a video of the rapper out of the hospital, dancing and celebrating his health. Since then, Kurtis Blow took to Twitter and gave an update on his health in response to a fan’s tweet direct to him.

The fan replied to a tweet from Sheila E. where she showed the video of Kurtis Blow in better spirits and said “I hope he got a healthy heart and not from someone that was sick.” The rapper responded to the tweet and said “Yes I have received a healthy heart – my donor was 34 – and God is still in the miracle business – thank you everyone for your prayers!!!” Take a look above.

Original 12/07/2020 2:13pm:

According to reports, legendary rapper Kurtis Blow recently underwent a heart transplant surgery, and the surgery was a success. Kurtis Blow is currently in recovery as a result.

The surgery reportedly took place after the legendary rapper battled issues with his heart in 2019, resulting in numerous surgeries to mend issues related to the arteries to his heart.

For those unaware, Kurtis Blow is responsible for the rise of acts like The Fat Boys and Run DMC. Kurtis Blow was the first rapper to be signed to a major recording label. News of Kurtis Blow’s recovery was reportedly confirmed by Grandmaster DXT.

source: AllHipHop

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