Ice Cube Affiliate J-Dee from Da Lench Mob to Be Released from Prison in May

J-Dee from Da Lench Mob, who made their debut on Ice Cube’s first solo album, will be released from prison after spending over 25 years behind bars.

J-Dee, real name Dasean Cooper, was sentenced to 29 years to life in 1995 for the 1993 killing of Scott “Pearl” Charles. J-Dee maintained his innocence and worked with the Innocence Project in San Diego to bring forward new evidence and witness testimony in hope of exonerating him, which he spoke about in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in 2018.

In the interview, J-Dee stated, ” A lot of time has passed, and sometimes humans like to make peace with their higher power before parting this life. Personally, I just want my freedom back. Lyrics to a song, and a 9-1-1 tape shouldn’t ever be enough to convict a man of murder—especially when 50-plus shell casings, from a dozen weapons, were recovered from the scene, ya’ dig? Something ain’t right.”

A recent post announcing his release date was shared on his Instagram page, which reads, ”
On December 16th J-Dee Cooper was found suitable and got a date. He’ll be home by Memorial Day. Thank you for all these years of prayers, comments and likes. They didn’t go unnoticed. Welcome to the Return.”


Source: VladTV

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