Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey Were All Cuddled Up While Vacationing In St. Barts Together! (Exclusive Photos)

Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey are living it UP for her birthday! ‘Turtle’ and ‘Nugget’ were pictured on a mega yacht looking like two models that have never eaten a carb a day in their life, okay!

You already know, we exclusively reported when Michael and Lori were first spotted together last year around Thanksgiving, and have been keeping up on the tea ever since. At this point, we all saw when they finally confirmed their relationship on IG just in time for Hot Girl Lori’s birthday! This time around we got exclusive pics of what the turn up was looking like.

It seems both Michael and Lori took the birthday festivities to St. Barts. They were photographed on jet ski’s and getting extra cozy while they were in the water. At one point, Lori was sitting on top of Michael. I know hearts all over the world just broke after reading that line. Anyway, Michael and Lori have already quickly become the new “IT” couple on the block! SO much so, the innanets couldn’t stop talking about it! Check out their St. Barts adventure below:

I know some of y’all are triggered!!!! Listen, I know everyone is heartbroken, but they look GOODT together! It’s clear Lori and Michael are happy and unbothered with their new relationship! Outside of their posts on social media, neither of them have publicly discussed their budding romance. IONO y’all, the way Michael looks in these pics, he may be off the market for good.

Source: TSR

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