Omarion’s Brother O’Ryan Tells Chris Stokes to Take Polygraph Test

Update 01/19/2021 11:16am:

Previously, Raz B took to the internet to address allegations he made against TUG founder Chris Stokes. During a video posted, Raz B addressed the attention he received related to past allegations, and revealed that cease-and-desist letters were sent to try and shut down his claims. Raz B went on to ask Chris Stokes to take a polygraph test to prove that he is telling the truth about the entire situation.

Since then, Chris Stokes tried to move along and ignore Raz B’s video but was ultimately confronted by the brother of Omarion—O’Ryan, in the comments of O’Ryan’s IG photo. While on IG, O’Ryan posted a photo of himself and his daughter, showing love to her. Chris Stokes took to the comments to post a fist bump and flame emoji in a show of support. However, in a now-deleted comment, O’Ryan mentioned Stokes and said, “TAKE THE POLYGRAPHS,” along with eye emojis. Take a look above.

Original 01/17/2021 2:19pm:

B2K member Raz B has seen major success from his time with the R&B group. However, Raz B has also been vocal about alleged past sex abuse suffered at the hands of Chris Stokes, the founder of TUG who ultimately would sign B2K. Recently, Raz B spoke to Jason Lee and went into detail on the allegations, but the interview stopped from airing online after it was noted that Lee received a cease-and-desist letter. Now, Raz B has taken to Instagram to address the matter.

While on IG, Raz B said, “So I been getting a bunch of calls from my loved ones. People that support me. And they’re like, ‘Take this down. Deal with this privately.’ But I say — Yo, they’ve ruined me publicly. Got people thinking that I’m gay — and I’m not because I was molested by a pedophile… Since y’all trying to shut me down publicly by sending out cease-and-desist letters, lets get in the room with the lawyers, and let’s take a polygraph test.”

He continued on, saying, “I’m gonna take the test, and when I take the test, you can take whatever it is that you need to do. When you take it, and when you fail, you take this fade, and you take that bid ’cause I’m tired of being bullied and I’m not going to be bullied no more.” Watch above.

Source: VladTV

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