Update: 42 Dugg, DaBaby Offer to Pay Woman’s Bail Who Killed Brother’s Killer


Update 01/21/2021 12:20am:

Tityana Coppage, 21, is currently being held on a $200,000 bond at Jackson County jail in Kansas City and after her story went viral it appears she’ll have some help covering the tab.

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg took to Instagram on Wednesday, and wrote, “I got 20 thousand if they can get her out on ten percent tell her people get with me.” DaBaby shared a screenshot of Dugg’s initial post and said he’ll match him to cover the bond, followed by Dugg sharing their text thread planning out how and to whom to get the bail money.

Original 01/20/2021 1:06pm:

A Kansas City woman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after she allegedly tracked down and murdered the man suspected of killing her teenage brother last week.

Police say 21-year-old Tityana Coppage sent a text message to her deceased brother to let him know she avenged his death.

“Sent a [expletive] to my brother I owe em that body,” the text message reportedly read.

After reviewing Coppage’s cell phone, investigators also found that she sent text messages to a contact named “Auntie.” In the conversation thread, she allegedly asked for .45-caliber bullets and wrote, “LOL I [used too] many on bro.”

Tityana’s 16-year-old brother, Jason Ugwuh, was a high school junior and a standout basketball player before he was shot and killed on January 10. Tityana lost another brother and a cousin in 2016 when someone shot into the home, killing eight-year-old Jayden Ugwuh and nine-year-old Montell Ross in their sleep. That case remains unsolved.

Coppage is accused of leading the gunman to her victim inside of a parking lot three days after her brother’s death. After sustaining gunshot wounds to his chest and leg, Coppage’s brother’s suspected killer was driven a short distance by his brother before stopping and calling for help. Once paramedics arrived, the man had already passed from his injuries.

When authorities tracked Coppage down, using eyewitnesses and surveillance footage, she reportedly admitted to contacting the victim in hopes of him and her father settling their differences. She also confessed to having a shootout with the victim but claimed he shot at her vehicle first, prompting her to return fire.

Police claimed they had probable cause to arrest Tityana after ballistics and forensic examination of her gun matched the same one used in the shooting. Tityana Coppage is currently in the Jackson County jail on $200,000 bond.

Source: KAKE

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