Keyshia Cole Ends Past Beef With O.T. Genasis For Verzuz “Love” Duet

Keyshia Cole and O.T. Genasis finally put their feud behind them and team up for Verzuz duet of “Love.”


Keyshia Cole and O.T. Genasis have had a long-standing issue that went back and forth in the public eye for months last year. Both have traded shots on social media, getting more disrespectful as time went by, to a point where social media wondered what the real issue was behind-the-scenes.

Everything started when Keyshia voiced her disapproval of O.T’s “Cuz” rendition of her song, “Love”. With it being her song, she knows when to praise a cover and when to give the thumbs down. Last April, O.T. would take to social media to make some jabs at Keyshia’s personal hygiene and even joke about selling crack to her mother, Frankie.

Eventually, Keyshia would admit she doesn’t even know how to feel and pretty much left it to O.T. being immature and expressing they never even met to be at odds to this level. O.T. eventually issued an apology and said it was all jokes, but we never heard from Keyshia’s side if she actually accepted that.

Last night, during Keysia’s Verzuz against Ashanti, somehow O.T. ended up on stage, leaving everyone puzzled as to how these two got to a good enough place to be around each other. Regardless of how we got there, the world finally got the Keyshia and O.T. duet we have been waiting on.

While everyone was enjoying the duet, Keyshia’s sister took to social media to voice her frustration that O.T. was freely hanging all over her sister after joking about their mothers’ former drug addiction. Hopefully, O.T. uses his charm to smooth over the other ladies in the Cole family.

Source: Bossip

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