Funk Flex Speaks on Jay-Z’s Alleged Deal w/ Donald Trump During On-Air Segment


Update 01/26/2021 12:46pm:

Funk Flex spent the last few days cosigning a report that accuses Jay-Z of cutting a secret deal with former President Donald Trump in exchange for Desiree Perez’s pardon. The Hot 97 DJ teased that he would speak on the alleged deal during his Monday evening show.

While speaking on the matter, Flex called out major New York media for never being critical of Jay-Z due to their Roc Nation ties. He acknowledged Hov’s rank in Hip Hop but accused some media platforms bullying those who report unfavorable news regarding the mogul.

“So many people from over there got so irritated with me over the weekend,” Flex explained in the second part of the segment. “It’s just my opinion. And you know something? Ya’ll are bullies, ya’ll are real bullies when you stand behind that dude. Guess what, the big guy Jay-Z, he’s earned that. And ya’ll come from underneath and you want to bully. Well what comes with bullying is people giving their opinion. They bully, but they buy and purchase people and get upset behind the scenes at websites, air personalities, and bloggers.”

During the extensive on-air segment, Flex revealed his thoughts and information on Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez’s pardon. He empathized with Perez’s legal situation and highlighted that he’s never faced those type of charges, but disagreed with aligning with Trump due to his refusal to speak out against the Proud Boys.

“When a pardon is involved…again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with testifying, cooperating,” Flex said. “Aligning with Trump, and this is my opinion — Trump loves to shout the Proud Boys. Stand down and stand by. All of this to say, my President is not supposed to shout someone like that. Not supposed to support or give wiggle room to police brutality. Jay-Z shouldn’t be aligning himself with people like that. Do not tell us you’re for the people. On this subject right here, you do not fool me sir.”

“You stood down, didn’t draw attention to the nasty s*** Trump was doing,” he continued. “Usually in a situation like that, there’s money involved. You speak to somebody. You promise something for a pardon. It was everywhere that Trump was selling those pardons.”

To hear more, check out Part 1 of the segment above. Continue for Part 2Part 3, and Part 4.

Original 01/25/2021 2:59pm:

Funk Flex and Jay-Z’s feud extends years, but the DJ added a new chapter by consigning a report accusing the Hip Hop mogul of cutting a deal with former President Donald Trump in exchange for Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez’s pardon.

Funk Flex announced on Instagram that he has “a story to tell” in relation to the report. He posted a photo of a tabloid story covering Perez being accused of wearing wiretaps for the feds after her arrest.

“Congrats to JayZ and Roc Nation Ceo on the Donald Trump Pardon!” Funk Flex wrote in the caption. “MONDAY 7PM WE GOT A STORY TO TELL! #JustMyOpinion ( Guys if I cant go to the brunch I understand ). I NEED TO GET MY FACTS IN ORDER BEFORE I DISCUSS! I NEVER [KNEW] THIS UNTIL TODAY???? HOW DOES EVERYONE FEEL ABOUT THIS?”

According to a report by Variety, Jay-Z cut a secret deal with Donald Trump, where he agreed that he and Beyonce would not openly support Joe Biden as they had during the Obama-Biden campaign. In exchange, Desiree Perez would receive a presidential pardon. The report pointed out that the pardon was important to Jay-Z because Perez’s conviction could have halted his new marijuana venture as California law prohibits a convicted felon from running a cannabis business.

Flex alerted followers that he would speak on the report during his radio show on Monday at 7 P.M. EST.

Source: Variety



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