Oh, Really? Ray J Gets Put On Blast For Smashing Tommie AND Karlie Redd, Here’s How He Reacted…

Ray J has been put out there for his secret past flings with two “Love and Hip Hop” actresses and his reaction after being caught off guard is pure comedy. The two reality stars in question are Tommie Lee and Karlie Redd, who both appeared on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Well it seems like Ray J was so caught off guard, he caught a memory lapse after he ex-flings were brought up by his own ex, Princess Love.

The “”reminder” that Ray J smashed Karlie and Tommie Lee occured during an episode of “Love And Hip Hop Unlocked.” The cast seemingly played a game naming who in the cast hooked up with who. It was brought up that Ray J and Rich Dollaz linked by past lovers, but Ray J said sleeping with Moniece Slaughter in the past “didn’t count.”

Princess Love, who is Ray J’s ex and mother to his two kids then revealed that he and Tommie Lee hooked up, repeating what she had heard Tommie claim on camera.

Princess revealed, “She said that on Dirty Little Secrets.” Interesting right? Ray had the look of guilt and befuddlement on his face, seemingly confused but never denying it. That’s when Karlie Recc’s name was thrown into Ray J’s hat full of past lovers.

“Love And Hip Hop Unlocked” host Kendall Kyndall then says, “So Scrapp De Leon hooked up with Karlie Redd and then I heard Karlie Redd hooked up with you, Ray J.”

HIt play to hear it.



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