Lil Durk Goes on IG Live While Being Searched by Police in Traffic Stop


Recently, Lil Durk took to Instagram Live to reveal he was being pulled over by the police. The rapper showed that he was sitting on the curb while his girlfriend India Royale stood beside him. While on live, the rapper can be heard answering questions from the officers, who asked him where he was born along with his date of birth.

In the clip, it was noted that Durk and the other person didn’t have proper ID, so India Royale was advised to drive by the cops. Durk asked if he was good, and the police officer in the clip responded by saying, “Y’all are good to go. Slow down for me. Clean the car out, make it smell better so you don’t get searched again. Drive safe.” Once getting to the car, Durk addressed being pulled over and said, “N***as tried to get us, ya heard me?” Watch above.

Source: VladTV

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