St. Lunatics Member Ali Airs Out His Grievances Against Nelly


St. Lunatics member Ali aired out his grievances against Nelly on Instagram, accusing the “Country Grammar” rapper of deserting the St. Lunatics in order to advance his own career. Ali posted a video of Nelly referring to himself as an original hustler, prompting Ali to give a history lesson on St. Lunatics.

“Them: ‘Ali, you’re being childish.., why are you putting it on social media Ali, Nelly’s not saying anything he’s staying positive.’

Me: Nah, he’s just the type to throw a rock and hide his hand!! I throw mine… and say ‘yeah I did it.’

Nelly: ‘The Original hustlers since day one…KNOW THAT’…ALWAYS !!

This is PERFECT because I’ve been explaining to Murph, Kyjuan and slo that this was the ‘ORIGINAL Hustle’ …They heard me talking yet didn’t quite understand…..this officially connected the dots,” Ali wrote in the caption.

In the caption, Ali continued by explaining that he started the St. Lunatics in 1993 and taught the members how to write rhymes. He added that, in 1997, he refused the record label’s request to remove Nelly’s verse from his single, “Gimme What You Got.” After the success of the single, Ali claimed he was offered “a big bag” record deal but turned it down because the offer didn’t include the other group members.

“Fast forward 1999: Ma$e Manager at the time(Cudda)…was introduced to us…and he immediately started separating the group,” Ali claimed. “He wanted Nelly and City spud. They left with Cudda (went to Harlem)…..The separation became The reality…They had left!!! We (The rest of the group) felt ‘HUSTLED’….we were *1 until, The opportunity was presented to be *2..they hustled us!!”

Ali said that after Nelly signed his deal with Universal Music, Nelly’s manager called him and told him Nelly no longer needed his help writing songs.

“So you need me to get you here, but now that you’re here ….’I don’t need you anymore’!!” Ali continued. “I said ok, i’ll stay here and I won’t help him write!! Some kind of way I ended up going…I ended up helping him write…but got no credit!! Wow!! I got hustled!!”

Ali continued in the comments section by explaining why he ultimately discontinued his rap career, stating that being Nelly’s hype man no longer satisfied his personal career goals. Nelly has not responded to Ali’s post.

Source: VladTV

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