LHHH’s Apple Watts Exposes Her BF for Not Telling Her He’s Transgender


Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Apple Watts exposed her boyfriend as transgender on Instagram after he allegedly failed to disclose the information to her.

Watts posted a photo of herself and the transgender male and offered $6,000 to whoever could find her ex’s TikTok account.

“Yo this whole time if you haven’t heard the story I thought this was a Man which was my n**** but it was a women the whole time kancity I got $6000 for he/she TikTok cuz he lie and played me I want his TikTok,” her caption read.

She ended up deleting the post before posting a video message describing her thoughts on the situation.

“I erased the s*** because God will not allow hate in my heart,” Apple Watts said. “And I don’t want no bad karma to me because 2021 been so good. My eyes is puffy because I’ve been crying. Yeah, I’m hurt because I don’t let people in. I’ve [been] f***** over by n***** so many times. And then when I thought it was a n****, it was really a b**** and I allowed that s***…we was even talking about marriage and s***…So let me tell you, either way, my heart got broken, I’m used to that…I done cried and sucked it up. But crying is not gonna allow hate in my heart so he can say what he wanna say or he/she could say about me but everybody done talked about me. It don’t even move me. But God bless you. Getcha life. Period. Please getcha life because God treat me so well. I’m sorry, you’re not gonna get fame off of me and I’m still gonna catch you.”

Source: VladTV 

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