Lil Reese Responds After FBG Duck’s Mom Says He Choked Out Lil Durk


FBG Duck’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, has called out Lil Durk again for mentioning her son in his new song with Pooh Shiesty, “Should’ve Ducked.” Durk previewed the song in December 2020 and received an angry response from Duck’s mom.

“You come outside without your gun, lil’ boy, you dumb as f*** / Ain’t no quick run to the store, they pop out, fire you up / I told my PO through the gate that I get high as f*** / She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck,” Durk rapped before later adding, “Man, he talkin’ ’bout gang in this b**** / He ain’t get back from that one s***, man his gang ain’t on s*** / ‘Fonem posted up outside, Dracos hanging and s*** / Before he died, his a** a goofy, now he famous and s***.”

After Lil Durk officially released the song, Weekly issued another angry response and accused the rapper of getting choked out in the club by Lil Reese.

“Lil Reese choked his a** up in the club, all type of s***,” Weekly claimed. “He always been a buck-eyed a** b****!”

Lil Reese denied Weekly’s claims, stating that him and Durk have had their disagreements but have never been violent towards one another.

“Dude mama need keep my name out her mouth and I didn’t neva [choke] my mans we neva fought mite had a disagreement but it ain’t neva get that far,” Reese tweeted.

LaSheena Weekly previously joined the mothers of other slain Chicago rappers for the “Mothers of Peace” roundtable discussion to speak on the loss of their sons, along with a plan for peace on the Chicago streets. However, it seems she will not tolerate her son being disrespected in songs.

Source: VladTV

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