#MeToo Issues Statement on Survivors of TI & Tiny, Soulja Boy & Chris Stokes

Recently, Tiny and T.I. were accused of sex abuse and drugging allegations after a woman named Sabrina Peterson came out saying that T.I. held a gun to her head. Since Peterson came out with her allegations, dozens of other women have come out and shared their story related to the couple. Now, the #MeToo movement has issued a statement on the Black survivors T.I. and Tiny, Soulja Boy, and Chris Stokes.

The statement serves as an open letter to the survivors of the alleged abuse by the mentioned celebrities, and the letter noted that #MeToo is holding space for the survivors of the trauma. The letter called out the possibilities of what is to come for the victims, noting their stories may be dismissed. Despite that, the letter urges people who come across the stories to “treat their stories with dignity, respect, and care.”

The letter then calls on media to reframe the narrative to be more centered on the survivors and justice for the alleged crimes committed against them. Take a look above.

Source: nwlc.org

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