Super Bowl Streaker Reportedly Won $374K For Betting on His Own Stunt


Yuri Andrade was arrested for streaking across the field in a one-piece, pink thong women’s bathing suit during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LV. The 31-year-old was booked early Monday morning on one count of criminal trespassing and was released after posting his $500 bond.

While the stunt landed Andrade in minor legal trouble, it was reportedly very profitable as well. On Twitter, a leaked DM conversation claims Andrade had put a bet on himself and used a friend as a decoy.

According to the message, Andrade “bet $50,000 on a prop bet at +750 that there would be a streaker at the Super Bowl. His buddy went out first as a diversion so he didn’t get caught as quickly as his friend. Cost him $1,000 to get out of jail so he cleared $374,000 on the bet.”

Andrade seemed to support the claims by posting the breakdown on his Instagram page. While the confirmed bail amount was $500, the Twitter message said Andrade paid $1,000, which could reflect the bail amount for him and his friend.

After the incident, it was revealed that the stunt was executed to promote his friend and social media personality Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s NSFW website, Vitaly Uncensored.

“We’ve tried the Super Bowl four times – well, he’s tried the Super Bowl four times – and I told him that if he bought me tickets, that I could guarantee him that I would streak on the field for him,” Andrade said. “I threw my sweater on the floor obviously to run so all I had was this G-string bikini, and the cops thought it would be a funny joke to keep me in handcuffs so that I couldn’t adjust myself for about the first eight hours before I got transferred to the police station, where they were actually very kind and they were all laughing.”

Source: Sport Bible

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