Jayo Felony Recalls Fighting Snoop Dogg on Baby Boy Set for Biting His Lyric


Jayo Felony spoke on his past feud with Snoop Dogg during an interview with Doggie Diamonds. Jayo started by breaking down his history with Snoop, claiming that the two hung out often and the Long Beach rapper even wanted to sign him while he was on Def Jam.

The San Diego native said tension started building over the term, “Crip-Hop,” which he claimed he coined on his feature verse on E-40’s The Element of Surprise album. He said he later discovered that Snoop Dogg and Tha Eastsidaz were on the cover The Source with a headline that read, “Trip Through Long Beach Where Crip-Hop Rules.”

He continued by saying he started receiving calls about Snoop and Tha Eastsidaz titling a song after the term. However, the final straw was when Snoop Dogg used a lyric from Jayo Felony’s “The Loc Is On His Own” for his verse on Nate Dogg’s “Never Leave Me Alone.”

Jayo recalled going to the set of the Baby Boy film to confront Snoop. When he confronted Snoop in his trailer, he claimed Snoop “got spooked” and attempted to sneak away from the area as Jayo was speaking with Tray Deee.

He said once he confronted Snoop again, the conversation escalated into a physical altercation between himself, Snoop Dogg, and Snoop’s bodyguards. During the scuffle, Jayo said he grabbed Snoop Dogg and body-slammed him before a mutual friend pulled him away and requested he and Snoop have a one-on-one fight. After Snoop Dogg denied the request, Jayo said he followed Snoop to the next shooting location and caused more commotion.

Despite their fight, the two rappers eventually settled their differences at a Comic-Con event in San Diego and later recorded with him. To hear Jayo Felony tell the story in his own words, check out the clip above.

Source: VladTV

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