Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue on Hair Has Raised Over $20,000 on GoFundMe

Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral for putting Gorilla Glue in her hair after running out of her hairspray, has raised over $20,000 on GoFundMe. She initially asked for $1,500, which she told TMZ was for wig expenses, as she feared that she would have to shave off all of her hair.

Brown also responded to people saying she put the industrial-strength glue on her hair for social media clout, telling TMZ, “I was just over the talk shows and the hate groups. I’m over all of that because y’all really—they don’t know me. And they got some people out there saying, ‘Oh, well she did this for clout. Put this on my head, let’s see how many followers I get.’ Never. I put it on social media to get help. That was it. I didn’t think for one second I’mma get up the next morning and that many people have looked at this. I didn’t think for one second that this was gone be like, me talkin’ to y’all right now.”


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