YK Osiris Gets Finessed for $10,000 in Game


YK Osiris and last few appearances online have found him going viral for things like his choices in clothing and more. The rapper is never one to shy away from his experiences, and shared footage of him getting finessed out of $10,000 playing a game where he had to pick a ball under a cup after they were shuffled.

The game is typically used as a hustle, but YK Osiris truly thought he could use his luck to double his money, which happened to be approximately $10,000 in his pocket. However, it seems things didn’t work out in his favor, with the rapper taking to IG to vent about losing his money in a matter of seconds. The rapper said, “Idk who these n***as are, but I just lost $10,000 on this bulls**t game. They got my a** man. Neva again I really thought I was going to win.” Take a look above.

Source: VladTV

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