Stephen A. Smith Issues Apology to Damian Lillard for Overlooking Him


Stephen A. Smith took a moment to issue an apology to Damian Lillard during Monday’s (February 15) edition of First Take.

Smith stated that he, along with other sports journalists, have overlooked Lillard when it comes to his abilities on the court, and he added that he’s at the top of the list. Smith explained, “We all know how great Damian Lillard is, we just don’t talk about it enough. And we don’t talk about it so much that we take this man for granted.”

Smith added that as a result, other players, including LeBron, Joel Embiid, and Steph Curry, have been in the conversation, while Damian is overlooked. He said that Damian is the number one player with the most clutch points currently in the NBA. Smith concluded by stating that Damian is the “real deal,” and he added that Lillard “is on that MVP list!” To hear more, hit the above video.

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