Big U Clarifies Death Row Comments He Made on VladTV


Recently, Big U made an appearance on Mob James’ ‘The Gangster Chronicles,’ and addressed comments that he made related to Death Row on VladTV.

Big U said there wouldn’t be a Death Row if he was out with Suge Knight, which James asked Big U to clarify. Big U noted that his mentality was different, and noted that Suge wouldn’t have had Kurupt on his team if he was out of jail at that time, and said that Suge wouldn’t have been running any of his affiliations in area where Big U and his team were at.

Big U said that he and Suge Knight actually used to talk about that, and Big U noted that the person he used to be would have focused on the attention that Knight was drawing. Big U went on to say that Suge Knight looked out for him, but he didn’t ask for anything because he didn’t want to be obligated to anyone. Watch above.

Source: VladTV

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