King Von’s BM Accuses His Sister Kayla B of Jealousy & Stealing His Hard Drive


A cropped image sparked an argument between King Von’s baby mama and his half-sister on Wednesday. The dispute played out on social media after the mother of one of Von’s children cropped his sister Kayla B’s child out of a photo.

Von’s baby mama, Kema, explained that the photo was only supposed to include Von’s kids but Kayla took offense to the image and sparked a back and forth on Twitter.

“Now I’m Done. Cause I know my babydaddy ain’t stand for non of this fu a** s***,” Kema wrote. “Like I always say Business gone get handled & stood on for him… && His babies gone be straight. On God if Kayla wanna go there we can. Ain’t nobody jealous of no kid Bro. I cropped him out cause I was speaking on Von KIDS. That’s not his son (even tho you made it seem like it is) so I took him out what I posted ain’t nun more to that s***.”

“I think it’s sick as hell that Lil Toni have a whole DAD that help take care of him & you use to Lie to Von as if he didn’t use to be helping you,” Kema continued. “Von felt sorry for you bro, on my momma von called me & told me that. He thought you ain’t have no help but you was Lying!… She stole his hard drives with his other music [you’re] trying to destroy his legacy. Everything that’s Von’s [belongs] to Von Mom. You so rich why [are you] stealing from your brother?? That’s sick as hell.”

Kema accused Kayla of staying in feuds rather than taking care of Von’s business affairs and called her a clout seeker. She claimed Kayla was jealous that she had her son on Von’s birthday instead of celebrating her new nephew.

Kayla responded by claiming Kema cropped the photo to spite her, tweeting, “When it’s hella pictures of them with they daddy like yeah ok! Anything they had on or did Von was making sure grandbabii had it on & did as well. Grandbabii don’t have nun to do wit nun b**** don’t play wit my baby you HATE ME! HATE ME not my baby.”

Look above to see more of their exchange.


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