Adrien Broner Says F**k Showtime’s Unofficial Scorer Who Said He Lost Fight


Adrien Broner recently faced off against Jovanie Santiago and ended up winning the bout in a unanimous decision. However, Broner went through some issues towards the end of the match, with scores in his favor, except Showtime’s unofficial scorer Steve Farhood, whose 115-114 score was in favor of Santiago.

As a result, Broner held no words back for Farhood during his post-interview fight. While speaking on Santiago, Broner said, “I knew the motherf**ker was gonna be tough because he’s 14-0. And anybody with that 0 wanna keep that 0, so they’re gonna fight like a bum fighting for a sandwich.”

When asked about the score of the fight, Broner said, “And when I came up here, I seen that Farhood had me losing. See, that’s why I don’t f**k with him.” Broner was then asked about fans on social media saying he lost, and shot back by saying, “If you look at my Twitter, 98 percent of them don’t like me. So f**k Twitter and f**k Steve Farhood.” Watch above


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