Malcolm X’s Family Claims Letter Reveals NYPD & FBI Murder Conspiracy


According to reports, Malcolm X’s family is asking that his murder case be re-opened, claiming that they have a letter that implicates the FBI and NYPD into this death.

The daughters of the late Malcolm X spoke at a press conference this weekend and asked that the Manhattan D.A. re-open the case into their father’s murder based on the letter.

The letter in question was allegedly written by former NYPD officer Raymond Wood, who reportedly worked undercover, and allegedly confessed on his deathbed that he was told by his bosses to get some of Malcolm’s security guards arrested in the upcoming days leading to Malcolm’s murder.

Wood explicitly said the FBI and NYPD planned for the situation, and that the gap left by security allowed people who were able to shoot Malcolm to get in the venue easily.

source: TMZ

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