Asian Doll Feuds with King Von’s Ex Over Cheating and Abortion Accusations


A number of subtweets between Asian Doll and another woman involved with King Von escalated into both women tossing insults and accusations towards one another on Monday.

A woman named Jamiyah tweeted about sneaking around with King Von before Asian Doll responded, “Sucks these b****** ain’t got s*** to show for dam b**** did you make him buy you a BED at least. Just a plan B & a juice. Aye gang ain’t NONE of you h*** f***** with me you hear me NOT one of you…stay mad I’m blessed in real life f*** ya.”

After her initial tweets, Asian Doll added that she received “50k, a ring & a HOUSE & him” before Jamiyah responded and refuted her claims.

“Von didn’t give yo a** no 50k! Stop the cap!!! If he got you a ring you would have been posted it & you got your own house,” Jamiyah responded. “Stop stunting for yours fans Girlll he left you!!!! Even tho i never took a plan b u had to get abortions and crackers. Didn’t even want a baby by you was scared it was gone be ugly wtf.”

Asian Doll responded by tweeting, “I ain’t want a baby cause I ain’t no dummy P**** too good fasho I GIT CUFFED & WIFE within 2days of knowing him baby would’ve been beautiful fasho.”

Asian Doll continued by accusing Jamiyah of having Chlamydia and not being in a relationship with King Von while Jamiyah questioned why the late rapper kept cheating on Asian Doll. Asian Doll’s tweets have been deleted but check out the exchange above.


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