Dr. Dre Gets Surgical On New Songs! Album On The Way!

Dr. Dre is dropping a new album!

2021 is going to be the year that everything goes! I hope you guys are ready for it because it is getting crazier and crazier every single day. We have waited for years for Dr. Dre to release a new project. The reality is is the good doctor pump faked us for decades with Detox, but we stayed around waiting for him to release it. That never happened! That may never happen! But, it looks like there is a silver lining!

In the midst of the verse drama, including divorce and a new girlfriend that has dated a couple of B2K singers, Dr. Dre is back in the lab and rumors say a new album is eminent! Not Eminem, eminent! That was a play on words! I am sure Eminem will be all involved in the project when it comes to fruition! Right now, he’s in the studio with one of my favorite guys Crooked I! Now, some of you won’t remember that Crooked I name dropped me in a song a very long time ago! That’s right! Illseed in a rap record! I was so proud!

Anyway, it seems like Dr. Dre is back wrapping even though he has a gray beard and is definitely in a grown man space. I am not mad at it, I think we need it even! Death and divorce do something to you, I would assume! Wow! 


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