Yella Beezy Had 5 Guns in His Car When Police Arrested Him, Affidavit Says

Update 02/25/2021 6:23pm:

An arrest warrant affidavit revealed that Yella Beezy had five guns in his vehicle when Dallas police arrested him earlier this month.

Police claimed undercover cops were surveilling an area known for its high-crime when they spotted the 29-year-old commit multiple traffic violations. When police pulled Yella Beezy over and asked him to roll down his window, which they believed were too tinted, he told them he couldn’t because the windows were bulletproof.

The officers checked his identification and confirmed the rapper as a documented gang member. After one officer spotted a gun on the floorboard, he requested a drug-sniffing dog. Once the dog gave a positive alert, police found five guns in various areas of the vehicle.

The guns reportedly founded included:

– A Beretta PMX containing 19 rounds of ammunition. The gun had been reported stolen in Frisco.
– An FN Herstal Five-Seven that had 21 rounds of ammunition.
– A Sig Sauer P365 with 11 rounds of ammunition.
– A Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard that had six rounds of ammunition.
– A Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 pistol with a 54-round drum of ammunition. The gun had a wrist-brace that made it possible to fire the weapon with one hand.

After admitting to owning the weapons, Yella Beezy was taken to police headquarters and arrested. He was released shortly after being booked into the Dallas County Jail.

In 2018, the rapper was shot at more than a dozen times while driving on the highway. He was hospitalized for more than a week after sustaining three bullet wounds during the shooting.

Yella Beezy, whose real name is Markies Deandre Conway, faces a misdemeanor charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. Because he is a documented gang member, he cannot legally possess any handguns in his car.

Source: The Dallas Morning News

Original 02/14/2021 3:07pm:

Update 02/14/2021 2:49pm:

Recently, it was reported that rapper Yella Beezy was arrested in Dallas, Texas, after police claimed they smelled weed in his car after he was pulled over. The rapper noted that he doesn’t smoke, but police did find a weapon, which they took in him for. He was jailed for weapons charges, even though the rapper’s team noted that his weapon is registered.

Now, footage has surfaced of the rapper being released from jail after being held overnight. In the footage, the rapper can be heard talking and joking about how cold it was in the jail. Watch above.

Original 02/14/2021 10:47am:

Recently, news surfaced that Dallas rapper Yella Beezy was arrested. The rapper was allegedly arrested while in his hometown of Dallas, and a mugshot of the rapper appeared on the Dallas County website, noting Beezy was booked shortly before 11 pm this past Saturday night.

Reports have surfaced noting that the rapper was pulled over by police, who claim the rapper went through a stop sign without stopping. The cops then told the rapper they smelled weed after pulling him over, but Yella Beezy noted that he doesn’t smoke marijuana. Despite that, cops used the moment as a way to search his car, finding a gun that is registered, according to the rapper’s team. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: TMZ

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